Isolate and Insulate.

These are the temptations I have as your parent.

On two separate occasions this week, one involving each of you, I have felt that your innocence has been compromised. Your emotional, spiritual, and even physical well beings have been vulnerable due to your interactions with others. After I was made aware of these encounters, I wanted to pack our suitcases and move to a remote island…where the only civilians were me, both of you, and Daddy. This would ensure that you would remain “protected” from the evils of this world…or so I thought.

You are getting to that age where you are becoming more perceptive of the world around you. The language, the attitudes, the sinfulness of humankind is no longer a secret to you.  Because you are exposed to people, and your experience interacting with others is broadening, your innocence is slowly waning. As your mother, this does not sit well with me.

I have two options.

I can build a fortress around you. I can shelter you from everything and everyone. I can pull you out of school, I can forbid friendships, I can refuse any type of social entertainment, and as your parent I can make all your decisions for you….etc, etc.




I can prepare you for the world in which you will one day have to live on your own and operate in. I can teach you that although you are IN the world, you are not OF the world. I can provide you with training to be the influenc-ER and not the influnce-EE. I can remind you that greater is He that is in YOU than he that is in the WORLD.

Your dad and I are in agreement that we have to PREPARE you for the world in which God has placed you, not “protect” you from reality.

We cannot pretend that we don’t live in a sin saturated world. Reality is that we are a chosen people living in an unholy land. We want to prepare you to THRIVE in the midst of  a depraved society, and to do you part to bring healing to a broken place.  I want you to learn to be like Abraham, Jeremiah, Samuel, Moses, Peter, Paul, Isaiah….all men who lived in sinful place, yet remained righteous. I want you to learn to be like Jesus….uninfluenced by external surroundings. So although my initial instinct is to have you measured for the plastic bubble I’d like you to live in, I’m going to pray, teach, and prepare you to be the City on the Hill that God has called you to be.

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