Paging Dr. House

This morning, I preformed surgery on two beloved members of our family. George and Gigi Scottberg….your comfort pals. These two have become a big part of our family, and we all love them dearly. Parker you’ve had Curious George since before you could walk, and Kent, you have had Gigi Bunny since you were born. George and Gigi come everywhere with the us. There are two places though where they are not welcomed: the Kitchen and the Bathroom. Although, I have to remind you two of these rules daily.

G and G have recently been showing signs of how much they have been “loved” and “cuddled” through the years. George’s fur is literally disintegrating, and his neck has become almost detached from his body (Yikes! I can only imagine how traumatized you’d be if his head fell off).  Gigi’s nose has been lost and he also has a gigantic hole in his ear. Poor guys.

So this morning, I got out my needle and thread (after I blew the dust off my rarely used sewing kit), and got to work stitching them both back to health. I am the WORST seamstress. In junior Home Economics, I scored a C- in sewing, and that was gracious of the teacher. But, I did my best…I went for durability not beauty when it came to the stitches. The lines aren’t straight or even, but they were operated on in love…that should count for something.

Before you left for school this morning, you each kissed your pal good-bye and you are anxious to return home and see them “fixed”. Kent, I apologize in advance for Gigi’s lack of a nose. I tried rhinoplasty, but I simply could not sew that button nose on! The next time Grandma Bea comes to visit, she’ll sew his nose on like she did last time she was here.

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  1. eek! You’ve crossed over to the dark side. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. Love it!

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    • Sam…my husband has basically demanded it. Haha! There is still much to be done. Slowly but surely….

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